Product Review: The RealMe GT Master Edition


For those who enjoy using a Blackberry for business use, but would like something a bit more advanced, RealMe Gt could be the phone of choice. If you were to go into a random store, you would find a variety of Blackberries and Smartphones – most of them manufactured by Motorola or Apple. But what if you really wanted to own one of these phones without paying through the nose for it? Or would you just settle for a run-of-the-mill, cheaply made Blackberry?

Well, for the cost conscious amongst us, the RealMe Gt Master Edition could be just the phone you are looking for. In this respect, the Realme GT Master Edition sounds like an ideal compromise for such a highly-grouped crowd, particularly with a rather quirky design which is designed to cater to travelling-forlorn young kids. Take a deeper look at the RealMe GT Master Edition to see if all the compromises made in terms of the lower price are worth it and whether or not the essentials the RealMe GT Master Edition provides are adequate to justify them. realme gt master edition

The first thing you may notice about the RealMe GT Master Edition is that it is noticeably bigger and heavier than its predecessors. This is because the manufacturer has chosen to use the RealMoney system to underpin the pricing of the product, which gives us a much fuller range of features and a bigger, heavier, and generally better camera with all of the expected high-end specification. And what is interesting about the camera is that it has been adapted to work with the Real Mourra hand-held GPS – so there is actually a degree of interactivity between the RealMe GT and the handheld, including panning and zooming. But the real difference with the RealMe GT is that it looks like an entirely different device, and we cannot help but compare it to the iPhone, albeit in a smaller and sleeker package.

Like the iPhone, the RealMe GT Master Edition sports a fully-functional dual-core A7 processor, though the difference is that the iPhone has twice the cores. There is also double the RAM, giving the new model a clear advantage over the rest, and the camera is upgraded from the standard single lens to a 2.5 mega-pixel unit which offers a higher pixel density. For those interested in shooting nature scenes, the camera is equipped with Canon’s XLR line up, giving you a whole lot more flexibility and performance capabilities. The camera’s autofocus, image stabilization, and zoom all have the same standards as the iPhone, and both phones can record video at up to HD, though the iPhone’s Super AMOLED screen will be considerably better.

Like the iPhone, the RealMe GT Master Edition also sports a beautiful, high-definition, multi-touch display with noticeable white balance accuracy, and a bright, crisp, and vivid color spectrum that you won’t find on many mid-range smartphone. The screen has two modes: Auto and Highlight. In Auto mode, the phone functions as a normal smartphone, with the exception of the notification light, which is always on in blue, and the on-screen buttons. In Highlight mode, all the functions of the phone are disabled, and the display has gray-scale tinted for the most vibrant viewing experience. In either mode, the RealMe GT manages to offer a large amount of power for a smartphone, with the battery lasting for up to thirty minutes on a single charge.

The RealMe GT also has some impressive tech specs, with the phone featuring built-in GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Dual SIM support, as well as a wide array of handy apps, including a Maps application that lets you turn your mobile into a navigation device. The built-in media player can be connected to your home FM band, allowing you to play music wirelessly, even if you’re on the move. If you need some entertainment, you can plug in your home stereo system or connect your phone to a top-of-the-line sound system using the headphones jack. The phone also comes standard with a UVC flash drive, so you can store images and videos to take along on your vacation or hike. All in all, the RealMe GT really represents an impressive package of features, one that puts any mobile device firmly within reach of the average consumer.

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